areas of focus

MixedMedia Marketing is a creative group that offers creative, marketing and technology services that help clients achieve their brand, communication and business objectives. We specialize in website design, print production, web video production and interactive multimedia services. Our experience in working cross industry lines has given us the opportunities to become experienced problem solvers in multiple business markets.




integrated marketing

Combining the clicks and the bricks to build brands. MixedMedia Marketing has successfully developed integrated marketing campaigns in multiple business verticals. We creatively blend combinations of unique marketing platforms to form a singular/synchronized brand voice and experience that provides a greater impact than each channel could achieve individually. The result is a reinforced marketing message on all facets of a marketing campaign.

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web design

The first rule in web design – Focus on what matter the most: the needs and desires of your users. Our mission is to tell your story on the web by focusing on what matters most: the needs and desires of the users who visit your site. Your Online reputation is important. Its most likely the greatest viewed media customers rely on to get information. A good website provides attention and trust of the people. Those are your potential new customers. You know the importance of looking professional and communicating. Your company website should to.

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print collateral

No – Print is not dead. While many of today's advertisers are moving to the web to reach their markets, print advertising still holds many benefits and can play an important role in marketing. Print offers the ability to target a specific demographic through a product the audience connects with. Print is an extremely powerful off-line promotional tool that can furnish an enormous boost to a marketing campaign if it is applied appropriately. Well-designed company collateral, prepared by an experienced brochure designer will assure that your message is received the way it was intended.

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video production

You know the old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” - what dose that say about video. We tell you with just one – Impact.
There’s no medium more powerful for communicating than video. When it comes to getting your message across to your target audience, we have the creative talent and production resources to produce videos that inspire, educate, persuade, promote and elicit action.

Video has the ability to grab attention, educate, motivate, entertain, clarify, explain and sell just by watching. Video is now one of the most popular medias being viewed on the Internet. One of the greatest benefits of web video is that it can be played "on-demand". Anyone interested can view it anytime he/she wants. That is why web video is becoming the new age marketing vehicle.

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multimedia design

Interactive programs offer a new way to communicate your message. Complex ideas, products and procedures can be simplified and visualized. Interactive multimedia presentations combine text, graphics, narration and moving images to create a dynamic program that involves the viewer the way no other presentation format can.

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logo design & brand id

Simple in its construction, but not in its concept. A company logo says a lot. Large corporations to small start ups all rely on it for the same reason. Its a simple distinctive icon that lets you stand out in the crowd. So the question is what's our logo saying.

MixedMedia takes brand ID very seriously. Like anal-retentive Art Directors we look to maintain these guidelines with every promotion advertisement. More than just a logo design, visual identity is the foundation of every brand. From color guidelines, fonts, tag lines, replication of graphical elements and materials all need to follow established brand guidelines. The goal is to consistently provide the look, feel and style of any brand.

We have developed hundreds of corporate logos in diverse market verticals. They all benefit from our experience as we develop unique icons that stand out from the competition.

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